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Tugela River Mouth Tourism Information
Tourism Information

Situated on the KwaZulu-natal North Coast, approximately 4km off the N2 national highway, the small village of Tugela Mouth lies on the Northern banks of the mighty Tugela River. The area is rich in history, with the first European visitor to the place being the Portuguese explorer Vasco Da Gama in December 1497. The fishing in the region was so good that he named a certain part of the coastline Ponta da Pescaria (Fishing Point).

Today Tugela Mouth is still a popular destination for both offshore, river and deep sea angling, and regularly hosts a number of major fishing tournaments throughout the year. The area provides fishermen with an excellent variety of species amongst which the most frequently caught are Salmon/Kob, Garrick and Lobotes. The region is also known as one of the best areas on the KwaZulu-Natal North Coast for shark fishing with massive specimens of Zambezi (bull) sharks, great white, dusky, ragged tooth ,hammer head, tiger sharks, blackspot sharks, milk sharks and sand sharks being landed.

Aside from fishing in Tugela Mouth visitors are provided with a variety of interesting and entertaining activities and attractions which include excellent bird watching, an indigenous forest, hiking trails, water sports and a massive variety of historical and cultural attractions such as a Zulu Cultural Museum, and Fort Pearson and Fort Tenedos, built by the British in 1879 during the Anglo-Zulu War. Also extremely popular among visitors to Thukela Mouth is the well known Prawn Shack at Amitkulu.Local events in the area include the annual Tugela Raft Race.